Commercial – Completed

Explorers Armadale 

Client: Explorers
Architect: Ellis Group
Location: Armadale, Victoria
Completion: November 2021

Donmar is managing the development of a double storey childcare facility designed to accommodate up to 168 children. The project involved careful planning and consideration that ensured the protection of the heritage building that shares the site.

The area of the site is approximately 4,297m² with the area of the childcare approximately 2,129m². In addition to nine children’s rooms, the new facility will feature a laundry, kitchen, offices as well as large outdoor play areas on the ground floor and first floor. 

Explorers Mornington

Client: Explorers
Architect: Ellis Group
Location: Mornington, Victoria
Completion: December 2021


Donmar is managing the construction of a state-of-the-art childcare centre that will cater for up to 150 children from infants to 5-year-old children. The new centre will include a modern children’s rooms, a laundry, kitchen, offices, staff rooms and a large outdoor play area for the children.


Inspire Minds Chadstone

Client: Inspire Minds

Architect: Perkins Architects

Location: Murrumbeena, Victoria 

Completion: December 2020


Donmar was selected to provide construction management services for 1210 Dandenong Road, a two story childcare centre with basement parking, capable of accommodating 94 children. The building includes 6 children rooms, large play areas, bathrooms, kitchen, offices, cot rooms and a staffroom.

Explorers Williamstown

Client: Explorers
Architect: Ellis Group
Location: Williamstown, Victoria
Completion: November 2019

Donmar partnered with a repeat client, the explorers group to develop a modern and sophisticated two storey childcare facility with underground basement parking that can accommodate up to 176 children. The area is over 1,700m2 and includes ten children rooms, a laundry, staff room, kitchen, offices as well as a large outdoor play area on both the ground and first floor.

Aurora Early Childcare

Client: Aurora Early Education

Architect: Perkins Architects

Location: Doncaster, Victoria

Completion: June 2019

Donmar Constructions partnered with Perkins Architects to bring to life the Aurora Early Learning Centre in Doncaster. This spectacular centre was designed and built to foster a safe and challenging learning environment for children. Donmar worked closely with the client and architect to create a space that wholly supports Aurora Early Education’s vision for children, families, staff and friends to connect, care and create with each other on a daily basis.

Credit to Aurora Early Education

Explorers Brighton East

Client: Explorers
Architect: Perkins Architects
Location: Brighton East, Victoria
Completion: 2017