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Donmar is a leading Victorian Residential and Commercial builder with expertise in shaping and creating strong connected communities, through both residential and commercial construction ventures.

“When detail matters….” Is our slogan and we pride ourselves on creating award winning childcare precincts, high-end apartments, residential dream homes and a wide range of other commercial infrastructure projects.

As we expand our experience, we aspire to become a leader in the residential and commercial construction industry providing quality to our clients on every step of the way.

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Quality & Safety


Our commitment to quality is second to none. Here at Donmar our project managers work. directly with our experienced foreman to ensure daily walkthroughs and quality checks are complete. We take advantage of our fully incorporated HammerTech safety and quality system, which provides us with real time site quality updates and reports that help us identify quality risks before they become issues.

Our approach to quality is founded on the principal of continual improvement. We learn from each other and have created a cultural that strive to constantly identify, assess and
improve our quality management systems.


Everyone who works alongside us has the right to go home safely and healthy; there is nothing more important.

We continually improve and streamline safety processes across out projects to guarantee the safety of our people and the assets we construct. All our projects incorporate a robust centralised safety system called HammerTech. HammerTech is a leading site safety and quality platform that allows us to manage inductions, swms, permits, pre-start checklists, all our safety operations and allows us to have a proactive hands on approach to safety and quality at every stage of the project. https://donmarconstructions.hammertechonline.com/